back to school

25 August 2009 § Leave a comment

back to school. in lieu of working full-time at a job i knew i wouldn’t like (and my best friend knew i would hate), i am going to plow through the few classes i have remaining at foothill college, transfer to san jose state university, and wrap up my undergraduate degree. the whole point of this is so i can go to grad school and get my masters in library and information science. instead of being a “librarian”*, i will be a real librarian.

i’m nervous about this for a number of reasons, the most frustrating of which is my recent struggle with cognitive malfunctions. i’m forgetting where i put things, what i’m doing, which part of the building i’m supposed to be working in, even simple things like words and names. i sort of feel like an alzheimer’s patient. even scarier, i don’t know if this is a result of my depression (which i’ll probably struggle with for life) or the medication used to treat it.

i wonder if i’ll forget what day it is, or a large assignment. or if i’ll go to the wrong classrooms and sit halfway through the lecture before realising i’m in the wrong place…okay, it probably won’t be that bad, but i’m still quite concerned about this. at least it’s a documented medical condition, so maybe the teachers won’t get mad when i forget what their names are.

*usually when i am out with a group of librarians, i make a point to mention that i am not a librarian (not that most people know the difference, but it mattered to me). it was later decided that i have no reason not to mention that, since anyone who reads library journal and hates the systems office may as well be a librarian. oh, and i know a lot of stuff.


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