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22 June 2010 § 2 Comments

this is the first baby i’ve ever met in my adult life. i think the last time i held a baby was when my youngest cousin was born; i was 12. i’ve met my other cousin’s kids, two little half-italian ladykillers called lucas and nicholas, but never as babies. they were wearing real underpants by the time i met them.

little noah is my friend jesse’s baby. he was 18 days old when i met him. he doesn’t do much. as i held him, someone asked me “aren’t you just dying to have one?!”

babies don’t like good music, or alcohol, or trying new food (i bet babies don’t like oysters at all). they like milk a lot. i don’t. i also hate loud noises at home, yelling, and plastic toys look cheap and cluttery. so no, dear woman, i am not dying to have one.

the only time i EVER think kids are cute is when they are tiny little kids playing hockey. like the four-year-olds. oh man, i can’t explain it, but they kill me. little monsters on ice.


about damn time

7 May 2010 § Leave a comment

i finally got a job. well, two. i started last week with a place that sells overpriced tea to unsuspecting schmucks:

and yesterday, i signed papers to join the stanford university of retail operations:

yeah. that’s right. i’m your enabler now, here to dish out your technological mistresses over which you lust for months, then line up outside the store with all the other sweaty-palmed dorks who want the same damn thing, then you take her home and touch her in private.

well, not yet. i start training on 21 may.

in the meantime, i have to figure out if i’m going to keep both of these jobs or let the lower-paying, higher pressure one go. i’m not stranger to selling tea, but i’m new to the commission-based sales model and i have a lot of qualms about selling people extremely expensive tea with supposed health benefits. they make it seem like tea cures all, but guess what ? asians die too. all the time, every day. granted, the japanese seem to have a lock on the supercentarian set. but they still die a lot.

i’m definitely sad about not working in the library anymore, and realise that i may not get another opportunity to do so until i get a grad school internship, if that.

also on the day apple offered the job to me, i got an email saying that i was invited to take a test for the same library job i just got fired from (although this one comes with some semblance of benefits, and a guaranteed 20 hours a week–wow, twenty whole hours !). i don’t have much interest in switching to a new library, where i will be treated like shit because it’s a job 16-year-olds can do. but i’m a snobby Masters-less member of the library elite: my attitude and my ideas won’t get me very far without that degree, so why not go tell the public how to use an iPad ?

although, i will hand it to the tea people: this is one hell of a good product.

mmmm moscow

28 February 2010 § Leave a comment

i’ve had moscow on my mind since october. it’s something about the weather: as soon as california gets cold, i start thinking about -20 degree windchill, trudging through dirty snow, and the moscow skyline.

i got this necklace on etsy because a) i’d never seen one like it before and b) ten bucks is pretty much my maximum when it comes to selfish expenditures these days.

it’s called the st petersburg necklace from etsy seller The Reliquary Shop. it’s cute, shipping was fast, i like it, but… i’ve got two issues:
1. the charm looks like st basils, which we all know (or SHOULD know) is in moscow and not p’burg.
2. the seller also makes twilight shit. i am 100% opposed to anything twilight-related. my cat could create better characters and she’s non-verbal and plays with her own shit.

it’s just a necklace, but now i get to sit in my warm house and picture shashlyk stands in the frozen park instead of starbucks on every corner.

anyway…uh, buy handmade !

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